Dannys bio

 I caught my first Ohio Muskie around 1970 in the Dillon Reservoir spillway near Zanesville, Ohio on a yellow Shyster spinner.  It was a little over 32" long but was a thrill.  I wasn't muskie fishing neither was I a Muskie fisherman at that point in time.  But my uncle D Moore was a veteran Ohio Muskie  man and caught his attention with my fluke muskie catch.

My uncle would become my Muskie Mentor in the not too distant years ahead.  In 1972 I graduated from high school and was about to enjoy my first summer as free semi adult young man with loads of good times planned.  But about 2 weeks after graduation my Muskie fishing uncle called my Mom (his sister) and said they needed workers for full time employment at the company Unc worked for.  Long story short my Mom jumped all over that and just a few days later I found myself working a 50 hour a week job right out of high school.  "So what does that have to do with muskie fishing?" you might be thinking.  Well here's how.  Now being employed at the same company we car pooled every week.  One week I drove, the next week Unc drove.  Muskie fishing often times dominated the conversation to and from work weekly.  I worked for that company for the next 4 years and was unbeknown to me at the time, was receiving an invaluable muskie fishing education under the mantle of a true Ohio Muskie veteran.

Making a long story a little shorter, about 1975 I began to pursue Muskie fishing with an ever increasing zeal as my steadily improving muskie skills began to blosom.    I could write another Muskie book about the adventures and situations that have happened to me through the years  in Muskie fishing but  that's for another place and time, perhaps in yet another book.

So..... its now 2019.  737 personal muskie catches later (most from Ohio waters) I'm 67 years old, married to the same woman since 1975. with two adult sons Aaron and Joseph. I am semi retired with an annual Muskie Guide Service, a growing custom lure business of my own personal bait creations as well as a 200 plus page instructional Muskie fishing EBook.  There have been 8  50" class Muskies caught out of my boats since I started many years ago.

 In the mid 1980s I was heavily involved in the Ohio Huskie Muskie Club.  I won several awards such as The Doc Dunmire Award, The Mr. Muskie Award and in the 1984 season set a new record for most catches in a single season up to that point with 87 Ohio Muskies along with several Realease Awards. My 87 mark was broken the following year by my friend Denny Braun.

If you're considering getting into Muskie fishing, I would strongly recommend to you the value of having a Muskie mentor to help  develop you as a muskie fisherman.    Our services and products are designed to help you achieve Muskie success. To become a routinely successful muskie fisherman you MUST become a "student of the game".  A muskie mentor is an invaluable part of your Muskie development.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Danny Wade