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3/25/2020  NEW Danny Wade Lure SOON TO BE RELEASED!! 

Our featured product photo is about to be updated.  My son Joseph and I have been working on a brand new bait for us that we are super stoked about,  The Lure...the JW 00 Shad.

Here's the skinny.  Its no secret that I have caught a ton of Muskies on AC Shiner lures.  They make a great product and they are great people.  In the early 1980s I began using AC Shiner 3.75 and 4.50" minnows for shallow water, cold water spring Muskies.  Still do every year.  Nothing changed there.  But duriing that same period I stumbled on to another AC Shiner lure that proved outstanding for suspended summer muskies,  That was the AC Shiner 00 in Gold Perch, Silver &  Black and Sunfish.  We have only the greatest of admiration for these baits and their company.  Howerever....the AC Shiners as terriffice a bait they are...they are still a BASS LURE.  Not built to handle the rigors of  the mighty Muskie.

We have caught two 50" class Muskies out of my boat over the years on AC Shiner 00s but I have to admit we have lost many large fish on them because they were never built to handle big Muskies.

We have designed and have been testing  a similar sized lure as the AC Shiner 00 but different in appearance but with even better action when trolling.  The NEW JW00 as we call it has the following features:  Basswood construction, not soft balsa. Basswood is still light but far stronger than balsa wood. Complete .051 stainless wire thru design.  A full 1/8" thick Lexan lip,  an internal fish attracting rattle and a double clear coat finish to stand up to chewey Muskies and abusive fisherman.  This bait trolls true at speeds in excess of 4 mph.  AC Shiner 00s begin to get unstable at trolling speeds in excess of 3.7 mph.  I have lost many big muskies on AC 00s at the boat because the soft wire nose loop will wear thru over time, giving way to a lost fish and lure.  Don't get me wrong.  I love AC Shiner Lures.  Have caught a zillion fish on then. Period.  But the root of the problem is they are a bass lure.  Never designed to handle the continual stress tests that Muskies put them under.  But also understand that the concept of a downsized bait for Muskie fishing has now been proven by many to be super effective on inticing Muskie attacks.  Not speculation.  Absolute fact.  For years I have been saying there has to be a better way, especially for summer Muskie fishing.

Well I believe we have found it.  We have designed our new JW00 Shad as a super strong built Muskie lure in a smaller bait package.   The JW00 Shad will be available to you beginning May 1st.  We will be posing a photo of the JW 00 on our feature photo section in the coming days.  Our expectations are high for this lure. This spring and summer season will confirm our testing.  Will keep you posted.  DW    

  PS:  We have some other new baits to introduce but none with the potential impact of the JW 00.  You need to be introduced to the JW 00 first.

 2/15/20  MORE NEW BAITS and Patterns coming this season,  We are now selling our baits directly through our Ebay Store but if you prefer, mail in orders are still welcome.  All baits shown in our Ebay store are available for immediate shipment in the quanities shown.  Contact me if you have any questions.  DW 



Was at  the Morning Glory ramp on Saturday to do a quick action test of several new lure designs of mine. Ice is now off with open water as far as the eye

can see.  Water temp still very cold.  Water murky as it often is at SF right after ice out.  Used to start fishing Muskies in March but from experience its a cold still pretty unproductive time.  Things begin to pickup in April if we have reasonably clear water at somewhere close to normal water levels.